Suzuki Lessons

“…all children can be well educated…”   ~ Shin’ichi Suzuki
The Suzuki Program is offered in violin, viola, cello, piano and harp. AMI recommends that all children ages 2 1/2 – 7 years old should begin using the Suzuki method. The Suzuki Program is offered to all ages and levels of musicians, and is an excellent way to start very young children on the path to having a wonderful music and academic education.

Suzuki Ideals:

    • Saturation in the musical community, including going to concerts and listening to classical music beginning before birth.
    • Emphasis on starting music instruction at a very young age, sometimes beginning formal instruction between the ages of 3 – 5 years old.
    • Using well-trained teachers.
    • In the beginning, learning music my ear is preferred to reading musical notation. This parallels language acquisition, where a child learns to speak before learning to read. Memorization of all solo repertoire is expected, even after learning to read notation.
    • The method encourages both individual and group playing.
    • Frequent public performances, so that performing is natural and enjoyable.
    • Consistent study and review over ever piece learned.
    • Inspiring and maintaining a strong parent-teacher relationship.
    • Practicing everyday.