Aki Jorgensen – Piano/Flute

Aki Joregesen graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo Japan degree in applied physics, all the while continuing to play piano, flute, and sharpening her skills in music composition. She began submitting her music to video game companies through which she ultimately financed her tuition at college, and led to her music being selected and performed by The Tokyo Philharmonic at the Tokyo Music Festival.

When the time came for her to graduate, “Sega Games of Tokyo” requested her to join their most elite composition and music programming team where she went on to compose and program music for several of the worlds top selling video games.

Personal Statement
As a mother and a lifelong student of music I realize that there are few better ways than music to teach your children a skill that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, while at the same time teaching them about culture, art, history, and universal communication. My passion is to nurture in my students in the way of opening the door to music.

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